SolarEdge 7600W HD-Wave SetApp SE7600H-US Inverter

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The new HD-Wave SetApp line of inverters from SolarEdge utilizes the same system structure as the previous units where a power optimizer is paired with each solar panel in the system to enhance production of every panel individually. The harmonized DC power in all the optimizers in the system is then sent to the inverter to be converted to AC, compatible with the electric grid.

The HD-Wave inverters utilize advanced distributed switching and DSP processing for a more efficient power conversion. The magnetic elements in the inverter have been significantly simplified, resulting in a extremely light weight unit (less than 25 lbs) that can be installed by one person. High efficiency (99% CEC efficiency) is achieved with less cooling, even in hot operating conditions, increasing energy production and the return of your investment.

SolarEdge systems allow for great flexibility in system design and string sizing. HD-Wave units permit up to 155% DC/AC over sizing and longer strings than most central inverters (up to 6000W per string with the SE7600H unit).

All SolarEdge inverters are rapid shutdown compliant as per NEC, meaning there is no need for an external rapid shutdown device to comply with your local jurisdiction requirements.

Dimensions: 17.7 x 14.6 x 6.8 inches
Cooling by natural convection
Weight: 25.3 lbs (with safety switch)
Supported communications: RS485, Ethernet, ZigBee or Cellular
Environmental rating: NEMA 3R for indoor or outdoor use

Available models:

Max AC power 7600W
Max DC power: 11800W

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