SMA CORE1 33kW Inverter STP33-US-41

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The Sunny Tripower CORE1 33kW is a free-standing three-phase inverter. SMA built the CORE1 line of inverters specifically for commercial PV installations on rooftops, ground mounts, and parking structures.

CORE1 inverters do not require additional racking for mounting. Their innovative design allows you to install them on any flat surface, therefore reducing mounting and wiring costs.

All CORE1 inverters come with built-in Wi-Fi and feature smart inverter grid support functions. The integrated SunSpec PLC (power line communication) signal communicates with SMA TS4-F SunSpec Rapid Shutdown modules providing compliance with 2017 NEC. They are also equipped with DC arc-fault protection AFCI, and it is certified to new Standard UL 1699B.

SMA CORE1 inverters feature 6 MPP OptiTrac trackers providing a high energy production in any roof layout or shading scenario. Besides 12 direct string inputs, the CORE1 includes AC and DC disconnect switches and surge protection (optional).

Sunny Tripower CORE1 33kW
SMA model: STP33-US-41

Rated power: 33,300W
3- Phase Transformerless Output

– Includes integrated DC disconnect
– With integrated Ethernet / WLAN communication
– SunSpec rapid shutdown compliant
– Arc-Fault Protection for UL 1699B compliance
– Operating AC voltage: 480V / 277V WYE
– Weight: 185lbs
– Warranty: 10 years